Delete IIA

In order to delete an IIA you have to find it in the IIA>IIA List menu on the enhanced EWP Dashboard and click the grey bin icon at the very right hand side.


When you click the bin icon, a small window will pop up warning you that you are about to delete the IIA.


If you confirm the deletion of the IIA, a system notification (CNR) will be sent to the partner’s system to let know that you have deleted the IIA. This way the partner will be notified about the deletion of the IIA from EWP Dashboard and it will no longer be possible to negotiate with it. If a partner correspondingly deletes an IIA from its system, a notification will be sent to the EWP Dashboard and the IIA will automatically be removed.

Please note that, as seen in the screenshot above, the option to delete an IIA is not always available. An IIA can only be deleted if it has never been mutually approved before. If, at any point, the IIA was in status Approved by all, it is not possible to delete it after. You have the option however to terminate the IIA, if it is not needed anymore. You can find information on how to Terminate IIAs here:

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