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  • OLA - Start here (enhanced EWP-Dashboard)


    Since the end of February 2021 the Online Learning Agreement platform and Erasmus Dashboard supports the official LA template of the 2021-2027 Erasmus+ Programme. 

    In keeping with the official template and guidelines, there are some new fields and processes that are supported in the 2021-2027 Erasmus+ programme that aim to facilitate a high-quality Erasmus+ experience by going fully digital and introducing such aspects as:

    • European Student Identifier field, which paves the way for smoother mobility experiences and easier access to Erasmus+ services for students.

    • Supporting new sections in the Learning Agreement to indicate virtual components as part of the academic mobility experience.

    Please note that from now on all Online Learning Agreements from the system are exported as pdf files which are in compliance with the above official template format.

    The OLA Section of the enhanced EWP Dashboard is accessible to Institutions' users that use the EWP Dashboard as their tool to exchange Online Learning Agreements via the EWP Network.

    What to watch next:

    1. Find the pathway for accessing OLAs in the enhanced Dashboard environment: Access to OLAs (enhanced EWP-Dashboard)

    2. As before, the OLAs can be created either by the students or IROs. Students can initiate the OLAs through the OLA platform, filling in their application step by step, while IROs can now upload the OLAs' data via a CSV file. See further instructions here: Creating OLA (enhanced EWP-Dashboard)

    3. Read more about the improved filter options and the process of accepting or declining an OLA here: Filter, accept and decline an OLA (enhanced EWP-Dashboard)

    4. Enable your students’ access to the OLA platform with their academic credentials: Authentication for Students (enhanced EWP-Dashboard)