Filter & Sort IIAs

Filter Options

The IIA List tool allows you to view and manage the Inter-Institutional Agreements, by using various filter and sort options. When accessing the IIA<IIA List, you can use the Filters button on the top right of the screen to filter the IIAs:

IIAs can be filtered by:

  1. Status

  2. Partner ID

  3. Institution

  4. Approving Person Email

Note that you can use more than one filter at the same time. Once you have selected all the filter options you want, click on Apply Filters.

Filter Functionalities

  • All the filters set by you and the number of the page you currently are in the IIA List menu are preserved if you open an IIA in Single View and then go back to IIA List through your browser’s tools (go back icon at the upper left or Alt+left arrow key).

  • If you add or remove a filter and click on Apply Filters you’ll be transferred to the first page of the IIA List.

  • If you click on the IIA List menu element at the left of the EWP Dashboard, all your set filters and the number of the page you currently are will be reset.

Sorting Options

To sort the IIAs, click the Filters button on the top right of the screen:

You can sort the IIAs by:

  1. Status

  2. Last Changed Ascending: preview the IIAs that were not edited recently first

  3. Last Changed Descending: preview the IIAs that were edited recently first

Quick Guide:

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