Terminate IIAs

If you wish to terminate an inter-institutional agreement, you have to find the IIA in the IIA>IIA List menu on the enhanced EWP Dashboard and click on it to open the Single View of it. When you open the Single View of the IIA, you may click the Terminate IIA red button. The button is active only if the IIA status is Approved by All.


When you click the Terminate IIA button, a small window will pop up warning you that you are about to terminate an IIA.


After terminating the IIA, your partner will be notified about your termination and you are transferred to the Single View. The new status of the IIA is Terminated by You and you can see the Revert IIA button to be active now.

The last approval remains valid and you can revert it back to its previous state at any time until both of you and the partner HEI approve the IIA termination. Learn more on how the Revert IIA button works here https://esci-sd.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DASH/pages/313557023.

Please note that the Terminate IIA button may not be active even if the IIA is Approved by All, if it contains invalid ISCED F-codes or is missing Language Requirements:

  1. There is at least one ISCED code which consists of less than four digits. All ISCED codes should consist of four digits to comply with the IIA 7 standards.

  2. There is no, at least one, Language Requirement in the cooperation conditions in either the Student Studies or Staff Teaching. The Language Requirement is mandatory for those two to comply with the IIA 7 standards which supports the IIA termination.

In order to terminate the IIA, you have to modify and mutually approve it. In case you wish to correct the above, you may try the Modify IIA to apply the changes according to the IIA 7 standards.

Note that you can only terminate an IIA when it is in Approved by all status.

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