Export IIAs

To export an IIA as a pdf file:

  1. Find and open the IIA you want to export from the IIA List menu in EWP Dashboard: https://ewp-dashboard.eu/iias/iia-list


  2. In the IIA’s Single View<IIA Information panel click on the red file icon on the right side of the page


To export the IIA list in a csv file:

  1. Open the IIA sub-menu on the left menu and click on the Export IIAs option


You can find a template .csv file here:

The template file can be divided into 2 sections:

  • The first section contains the IIA ID, IIA Status, the information about the HEIs involved in the IIA and the contact details of the corresponding contact persons (from column “iia_id” to “approval_partner_2_date”).

  • The second section correspond to the cooperation conditions of the IIA (from column “coop_cond_type” to “other_info”).

Please note that each row with the same iia_id corresponds to a cooperation condition of the IIA. An IIA may have multiple cooperation conditions hence multiple rows in the csv file, all rows with the same iia_id.

In the same way an IIA with one cooperation condition consists of only one row with its iia_id.


  1. Click the DOWNLOAD button located on the right hand side of the page


  2. Chose Save File and click OK in the window that pops up


Please note that, as stated on the Export IIAs page: The CSV export file for your institution is created asynchronously and periodically, once a week.

You can check on the page when the file was last created so please keep in mind that the latest IIAs may not be in the list.

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