Modify IIAs

Since the introduction of the IIA version 7 in April 2024, you have the possibility to modify an IIA which was previously mutually approved. In order to modify an IIA which is in Approved by all status, you have to find the IIA in the IIA>IIA List menu on the enhanced EWP Dashboard and click on it to open the Single View of it. When you open the Single View of the IIA, find the orange button Modify IIA which is located at the bottom right and click it.

Στιγμιότυπο οθόνης 2024-03-29 103623.png

You are able now to proceed to the modifications you like, same as when you Edit IIAs and then submit the IIA. Please note that you must edit at least one cooperation condition or at the Organizational Unit in Your Institution Data for the IIA to be considered as modified and sent to the partner, i.e. changing the contact details only is not considered as a modification.


After you submit the modified IIA, your partner will be notified about your changes and you are transferred to the Single View. The new status of the IIA is Submitted by You and the Revert IIA button is enabled in case you want to revert it back to the previous Approved by All state. More about the Revert IIA functionality can be found here

The last approval remains valid and you can revert it back to its previous state at any time until both of you and the partner HEI re-approve the IIA. You may then re-negotiate the IIA with new modifications, as many times as you like.


Note that you can only modify an IIA when it is either in Approved by all or Termination Approved by All statuses.

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