Notify Partner

In case the partner HEI claims that it did not receive either your proposal or your approval, you have the possibility to re-send a system notification to the partner HEI’s system, manually, by clicking the Notify Partner button.

You have to find the IIA in the IIA>IIA List menu on the enhanced EWP Dashboard and click on it to open the Single View of it. When you open the Single View of the IIA, find the blue button Notify Partner which is located alone at the bottom left.


This feature is only available when you exchange an IIA with a partner represented by a third party provider or an in-house built system. Depending on the IIA’s status in the EWP Dashboard, you have the option to re-send a notification with your copy (system notification called: IIA CNR) or a notification with your approval (system notification again ,called Approval CNR) to the partner HEI’s system. This depends on the status of the IIA on Dashboard:

  1. If your IIA’s status is Submitted by You, Submitted by Partner or Approved by Partner, then your partner will receive a system notification (IIA CNR) to get your proposal (i.e. your latest changes).

  2. If your IIA’s status is Approved by You or Approved by All, then your partner will receive a system notification (Approval CNR) with your approval (in case your approval was not received by the partner in the first place).

Please note that if the Notify Partner button is not available (not shown at all), it means that both, you and the partner HEI, are represented in the EWP Network by the EWP Dashboard. In this case, the IIAs are updated directly after each user’s actions, therefore there is no need to send such notifications manually.

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