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  • Authentication for Students (enhanced EWP-Dashboard)


    In line with the further developments in the European Student Card Initiative, the authentication solution for students has been updated and will be based on their academic credentials (eduGAIN).

    The digital transformation of the Erasmus programme means that more students will be using online tools when applying for grants and accessing electronic services before, during and after their studies abroad. Students need a secure and easy way to authenticate themselves online, while higher education institutions and service providers require certainty that the information they receive is trustworthy.

    Therefore, the MyAcademicID (MyAID) project has developed a Single European Student eID Scheme for Higher Education by bridging existing digital infrastructure. Students will be able to register at their universities and apply online for student mobility by using a single set of credentials in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

    MyAID bridges the eIDAS and eduGAIN networks to create a digital environment that supports the secure and seamless exchange of data related to student mobility between higher education institutions and service providers in Europe. This includes the incorporation of the European Student Identifier (ESI) into Erasmus mobility flows and relevant e-services, such as the OLA, the Erasmus+ Mobile App and the Erasmus Dashboard, among others.

    The vast majority of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education holders are already members of the eduGAIN community. However, if this is not the case for you, please see how to join your federation as well as the opportunities it offers for the students, HEIs and student service providers here.

    From the beginning of 2021 a solution for ECHE holders who are not federated in eduGAIN has been made available. The updated OLA platfors shares the MyAcademicID based authentication solution with the updated Erasmus+ App.

    Please see more information in the MyAcademicID space and see this informational leaflet that will walk you through the Why, What, Where, When, How and Who of MyAcademicID. 


    Stay up to speed on all the project developments by visiting the MyAcademicID website: www.myacademic-id.eu