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  • Table C - Virtual Components (enhanced EWP-Dashboard)

    In line with the official LA template, if the student has chosen to add an option virtual component to their mobility period, they will in addition need to fill in Table C.

    If the student has chosen to add a virtual component offered by the receiving institution to their study mobility that will award ECTS credits (or equivalent), the Table C should also be included in the Learning Agreement. The purpose is to give the student the possibility to enhance further the learning outcomes of the mobility period abroad by complementing the physical mobility with online learning, training or teamwork.

    When relevant, Table C must include a title or description of the educational component in addition to a short description of the nature of the virtual component e.g. online course, online cultural preparation with other exchange students or online training with a teacher. In the same table, the sending institution will indicate how the ECTS credits (or equivalent) of the added virtual component will be recognised i.e. either confirm automatic recognition or justify the reason for awarding an alternative recognition.

    Students can add and remove the courses the same way as those from Table B. Also the automatic recognition commitments indication procedure is identical.


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