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  • Access and Default View (enhanced EWP-Dashboard)

    Access to OLAs

    Coordinators can overview and manage all the OLAs associated with their Higher Education Institution in the enhanced EWP Dashboard, as they could before, through this link: https://ewp-dashboard.eu/ .

    The menu options under OLA are:

    1. Outgoing Students: displaying the outgoing students’ learning agreements of your HEI in every status.

    2. Incoming Students: displaying the incoming students’ learning agreements of sending HEIs provided that have been signed at least once by the sending HEIs. The unsigned OLAs and the OLAs that are signed only by the student are not visible in this list. They become available once signed by the sending HEI. Please, note that once the LA is signed by all parties then it remains visible regardless its status.
      Please note that if you decline an incoming OLA, it’ll be no longer visible in EWP Dashboard until it is signed again by the student and the sending HEI.

    3. Upload: in order to upload prefilled OLAs in a single .csv file.

    A guide introducing the new functionalities in the OLA menu, the different ways for an OLA to be created, common errors and possible workarounds can be found here: https://esci-sd.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DASH/pages/22282243

    Default View

    When clicking the OLA>Outgoing Students or OLA>Incoming Students menus, all students’ agreements of the current academic year (by default active filter) are displayed starting from the last-edited agreement. Αt the top of the page, the total agreements’ number is shown:

    In the default view, OLAs are organized in a table format, with the following headers:

    1. Student Firstname

    2. Student Lastname

    3. Start Mobility: start date of the student’s move

    4. End Mobility: end date of the student’s move

    5. Status: OLA signature status of the involved parts

    6. Receiving Institution or Incoming Institution

    At the bottom of the page, there’s a navigation tool to browse the OLAs’ list. Note that only three page numbers are shown every time:

    Color Indexes - Visibility of OLA's Status

    At the left side of every OLA entry, a colored bar index has been added that declares the entry’s status.

    There are 3 different color indexes and each one corresponds to a unique OLA state. In the following table, you can see the successive statuses of an OLA and the corresponding color indicators: