• First Revision
  • Automatic Course Recognition (enhanced EWP-Dashboard)


    The LA template for 2021-2027 Erasmus+ Programme now also includes more detailed and transparent commitments towards recognition.


    As per official guidelines, in the Table B (and C) for all courses, the check box for Automatic Recognition is set to Yes by default. Student cannot adjust this field.

    By maintaining this default selection, the sending institution confirms that all credits gained abroad – as agreed in the Online Learning Agreement and confirmed by the Transcript of Records – will be transferred without delay and counted towards the students' degree without any additional work or assessment of the student.

    You are able to uncheck the Automatic Recognition since the LA has been only signed by student yet. In that case a pop-up window will be displayed allowing a clear justification and an indication on what other type of formal recognition will be applied. After that change, you have to decline the OLA in its current state in order for the student to receive a notification, review the alternative recognition pathways offered by the Higher Education Institution and sign the LA again.