Applications & Nominations (enhanced EWP Dashboard)

The nomination functionality is in the early release phase. This means the usage of this functionality is not mandatory and not yet to be used at scale. At this stage institutions are encouraged to gain some first-hand experience by exploring the functionalities on a voluntary basis and share feedback.

Students can now apply for the Erasmus+ mobility directly through the Erasmus+ App and their Higher Education Institution can manage these applications via the enhanced EWP Dashboard.

Quick Guide:

Applications & Nominations in 5 Steps

The entire application process is outlined in the following timeline:

If the Receiving Institution accepts a student's nomination, the next step is the Online Learning Agreement's (OLA's) signing process. You can find more information about OLAs in this link.

Students can apply to transfer only to HEIs that have signed an IIA with their home institution.

What to watch next:

  1. Set up your Institution's requirements for the students' application in Erasmus+ App: Home Institution Requirements

  2. Guide for students' applications through Erasmus+App: Students' applications

  3. Check how you can manage your students' applications: Managing the Applications