Managing the Applications

Managing the Applications

Higher Education Institutions then can manage the students' applications in the Incoming and Outgoing Students sections by using diverse data sorting, searching and filtering tools.

It allows navigating to the individual applications view as well as exporting all applications information - basic academic data as well as all attachments. 

Individual Applications allow for diverse actions to be carried out.

Reject: Student application is rejected as a whole and they would not be nominated for any of the potential destinations they have selected. Students receive a notification stating the fact.

Delete: The whole application data is removed - the student is also informed.

Waiting List: Student application is put on the waiting list and can still be accepted or rejected. The student gets a notification.

Nominate: Home HEI is ready to send the student to a specific location. Student receives a notification with an invitation to confirm their readiness to go to the said location. Only when the student confirms - the Host HEI would see the student information in the Incoming students' section on the Erasmus Dashboard. 


The potential Host HEI would only see the basic academic information and only the requirements they themselves have stipulated in the IIAs. 

You can find a more in-depth guide for application managment in the EWP Dashboard space of this Knowledge Base!