Managing the Applications (enhanced EWP Dashboard)

In this section, the available filter options and the process of accepting or declining an Application are described.

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You can manage students' applications in the Incoming and Outgoing Students sections.

Default View

When opening the Applications>Outgoing Students or Applications>Incoming Students, all students’ applications are displayed starting from the last-edited agreement. Αt the top of the page, the total agreements’ number is shown:

In the default view, Applications are organized in a table format, with the following headers:

  1. Student full name

  2. Student email

  3. Student study level (e.g. Master’s)

  4. Study field (e.g. Informatics)

  5. Academic year

  6. Academic term (semester)

  7. Application status

Color Indexes - Visibility of Application's Status

At the left side of every entry, a colored bar index has been added that declares the entry’s status.

Each one corresponds to a unique Application state. In the following table, you can see the successive statuses of an Application and the corresponding color indicators:


On the right side of every entry you can find the export tool.

Export tool allows you to download all files that have been uploaded by a student. If the tool is not clickable for a specific application, it is because there are no files to download. The exported file is in .zip format.

Application Info

You can view more info about a specific application by clicking on it:

General Info

In the General Info tab you can find more details about student’s chosen HEIs. The page is divided in two sections.

  1. Student Info: standard information (name, email, study level and field) about the student, that are displayed in the Application default view page as well.

  2. Destination HEIs: in this table you can see all HEIs the student apply to and the each application’s status (Rejected or Nominated).


In the Documents tab you can find and preview every file that was required for the application and has been uploaded by the student. Files are sorted by type.

Filter, Accept and Decline Applications

Filter Options

When opening the Applications>Outgoing Students or Applications>Incoming Students, you can use the Filters button on the right to sort the Applications:

You can sort the Applications by:

  1. Status

  2. Academic Year

  3. Academic Term (Semester)

  4. Institution

    1. Erasmus Code

    2. Institution Name

  5. Student Name

  6. Email

Note that you can use more than one filter at the same time. Once you have selected all the filter options you want, click on Apply Filters.

Filter Functionalities

  • All the filters set by you and the number of the page you currently are in the Outgoing/Incoming Students menu are preserved if you open an application in Single View and then go back to through your browser’s tools (go back icon at the upper left or Alt+left arrow key).

  • If you add or remove a filter and click on Apply Filters you’ll be transfered to the first page of the Outgoing/Incoming Students menu.

  • If you click on the Outgoing/Incoming Students at the left of the EWP Dashboard, all your set filters and the number of the page you currently are will be reset.

Process of Accepting (Nominating) or Rejecting an Application

The nomination functionality is in the early release phase. This means the usage of this functionality is not mandatory and not yet to be used at scale. At this stage institutions are encouraged to gain some first-hand experience by exploring the functionalities on a voluntary basis and share feedback.

Outgoing Students

You can accept (nominate), reject, delete or put on waiting list a student’s Application. By clicking on an Application you can see the available actions on the bottom of the page:

  1. Waiting List: Student application is put on the waiting list and can still be accepted or rejected. Also, the student gets a notification.

  2. Reject: Student application is rejected as a whole and they would not be nominated for any of the potential destinations they have selected. Students receive a notification.

  3. Delete: The whole application data is removed and the student receives a notification.

  4. Nominate: Home HEI is ready to send the student to a specific location. Student receives a notification with an invitation to confirm their readiness to go to the said location. Only when the student confirms, the Host HEI can see the student information in the Incoming Students section on the enhanced EWP Dashboard. 

Incoming Students

In the Incoming Students submenu, you can select a student’s application and either Reject or Nominate the students by clicking the corresponding buttons at the bottom right of the page.

  • If you click Nominate, the process completes successfully the next step is the Online Learning Agreement (OLA) signing.

  • If you click Reject, the Sending HEI can nominate the student to go to the next choice if it’s possible.

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