Short-term Mobilities (enhanced EWP-Dashboard)

The enhanced EWP Dashboard and the OLA platform supports also the new Erasmus+ Programme opportunities:

  • Blended mobility with short-term physical mobility

  • Short-term doctoral mobility

Please see more information on the new opportunities in the Programme Guide as well as guidelines that accompany the official Online Learning Agreement templates for these mobilities. 

When accessing the OLA platform, the student can choose the corresponding mobility type form to fill in their Online Learning Agreement documentation in each of the mobility opportunities. Then they can simply follow the steps to finalize the document and invite the Sending and Receiving Higher Education Institutions to review it following similar logic as for the semester mobilities.

Blended mobility with short-term physical mobility

As of the new Erasmus+ Programme, in order to foster accessibility to the exchange opportunities offered by the Programme itself, students can take part in a short-term physical mobility, combined with a mandatory virtual component.

In this case, the student and the HEIs involved can use the designated OLA template to describe the study programme and recognition of the learning outcomes. The learning programme is illustrated in a single table that also includes the recognition information where the sending institution can either confirm automatic recognition or justify the reason for awarding an alternative recognition.

In addition, a short description of the nature of the virtual component will be required, to clarify the type of learning experience undertaken (e.g. online learning exchange and teamwork, online learning as part of a course offered in a blended learning format, academic assignment with a supervisor in the receiving institution).


Short-term doctoral mobility

The platforms also support the process of finalising the short-term doctoral mobility Online Learning Agreement as per official template. 

The single table included allows to describe the study programme and recognition of the learning outcomes. It can include a title or a description of the component, which may be - for example - a seminar, a workshop or a stay abroad in preparation for a thesis or research paper. Doctoral candidates are also able to add virtual components such as courses, webinars or online teamwork. 

To enhance the synergies with Horizon Europe, doctoral mobilities can also take place in the context of Horizon Europe funded research projects.


Access for the Higher Education Institutions

The management of Short-term Mobilities is accessible via the corresponding menu option in the enhanced EWP Dashboard. Same options as for the semester mobility management are made available for sorting/searching/filtering students lists as well as signing the Online Learning Agreement or sharing more comments for the student to further advance the document.


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