Share your views on EWP

The year 2022 will be crucial for the digital future of the Erasmus administration. The renewal of our inter-institutional agreements will be done in a digital fashion and Higher Education Institutions need to support online learning agreements. And while many of us are still struggling to make it work, the next digitalisation steps are already awaiting around the corner with nominations and Transcript of Records to be exchanged in a digital manner. Moreover the European Student Identifier will both facilitate data exchanges and easy authentication for students.

The EWP+ consortium would like to take stock of the developments on Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) at Higher Education Institutions holding an ECHE. Therefore we prepared a survey targeted at people working in international offices who are aware of the state of play about their EWP implementation at their institution.

On the one hand our aim is to get a better view of the current state of developments at your institution and update our findings from the EWP desk research carried out in 2017. On the other hand, we would like to expand the digitalisation roadmap based on the needs of the Higher Education Institutions holding an ECHE. Therefore we would value your opinion on the next steps as well as on your insights in processes that are not yet part of the digitalisation roadmap.

The survey was closed on 22/04/2022.

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