Knowledge base user guide

This knowledge base complements the official European Student Card Initiative Portal which is the main gateway for finding information about the European Student Card Initiative and its building blocks.

In the knowledge base there are separate spaces with targeted information on these specific digitalisation initiatives:

  • Erasmus Without Paper, with comprehensive information about Erasmus Without Paper supporting you to digitalise your Erasmus+ management.

  • The EWP Dashboard, designed for institutions that do not use a third-party of inhouse solution to manage their Erasmus+ mobilities. The EWP Dashboard also includes information about OLA (Online Learning Agreement).
    MyAcademicID, a groundbreaking initiative to create a single European student eID that facilitates students to login to academic services via their home university login.

  • Erasmus+ App, students' single point of entry into the Erasmus+ programme. The App will provide a broad range of information, tools and services to help students plan and carry out their exchange, supporting a first-rate mobility experience. It is also an important tool that can be used by universities to inform their students about different aspects of a mobility journey.