Erasmus Without Paper

Welcome to the Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) space of this knowledge base.

This knowledge base complements the official European Student Card Initiative information portal maintained by the European Commission.

The purpose of this wiki space is to:

  • provide information and recommendations about the EWP and
  • explain how to make use of the EWP Network on a Higher Education Institution level.

To get more information about EWP please click to the menu here, and then use the page tree on the left to navigate between the menu pages.
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If you would like to get more information about the elements of the Erasmus+ digital mobility management infrastructure, you can click to the spaces below.

Provide seamless access to mobility management services and tools

Click on the link above and discover how you and your students can securely log in to these tools using your academic credentials.

Use the enhanced EWP Dashboard as free solution for managing student mobility

The enhanced version of EWP Dashboard is available. Click on the link above and discover the tool for universities not using in-house or commercial software.

Promote the Erasmus+ App as main gateway for mobile students

Publish events and deals or add useful information to the Erasmus+ App mobility journey.

Exchange information with your partners

Connect to Erasmus Without Paper and exchange data along with exchanging students in the framework of Erasmus.

From January 2022 onward maintenance and updates of this Knowledge Base are part of the EWP+ framework contract for services.

Maintenance and updates of this Knowledge Base are funded under the EDSSI-project (September 2020-August 2022).
EDSSI is an acronym for the European Digital Student Services Infrastructure, an umbrella initiative linking all major projects
on digitalisation of student mobility administration together.