Train the trainer package

If you are an international relations officers, a member of a National Agency or someone else charged with training your colleague on online learning agreements management through the Erasmus+ Dashboard, from this page you can download a package with all the material to use to set up training sessions for your colleagues.

You can help them learn how to use the Dashboard to sign, manage and upload Online Learning Agreements, as well as understand the perspective of students using the Online Learning Agreement Platform.

You can download and edit the material to fit your institution's specific needs. In the package you will find:

  • Template documents created by different universities to guide students
  • Guides for faculties and partners
  • A one-page overview of the OLA system, with links to specific tutorials
  • A clear document with frequently asked questions to circulate, containing also a link to the FAQ section on the Competence Centre
  • Outlines for demo or training sessions, based on the webinars held by the OLA 3.0 consortium

We encourage everybody to use, share and retool the material to better suit their workflow.

Video tutorials

Do you need more information on how OLA and the Dashboard work? Watch our tutorials on the OLA platform and on the Erasmus+ Dashboard.

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