The Erasmus+ App is a key ingredient of the European Student Card Initiative established to digitise and simplify the administrative procedures in student mobility. Read more here.

It will support students in finding the best destinations, ease up administrative processes, and will assist the student during the entire mobility journey from application till the final report. The project consortium strongly supports the values of the GDPR and are committed to ensuring the highest level of compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.

The current owner of the App data, Eötvös Loránd University (“ELTE” or “we”) takes your privacy very seriously. The Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) which you can find below describes the ways we collect, store, use, and manage the information – including any personal information – that our users (“users” or “you”) provide or the information we collect, in connection with our websites and mobile applications, including as well as the Erasmus+ App (the “websites”) or any other element provided in Apple iOS, Android, or any other platform (collectively, the “Services”). 

Internal procedures are implemented to cater to other aspects of the GDPR and in line with good practices, we review our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and internal data protection policy regularly and also provide our staff with relevant knowledge on data handling.

The project consortium of the enhanced Erasmus+ App consists of:

Eotvos Lorand University

European University Foundation

European Student Network

and subcontractors: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and EWORX

You can find the following documentation here:

Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

Privacy Notice