How can users access the Erasmus+ App?

The Erasmus+ App is available via Google Play and Apple Store.

In addition, a browser version is also available here: https://erasmusapp.eu/.

The higher education students and trainees can access the App via their academic credentials (eduGAIN) or eIDAS as well as temporarily via the Google login. Please read more information in MyAcademicID page here and FAQs here.

The participants of other Erasmus+ opportunities, such as Youth Exchanges, Vocational Education and Training and Erasmus Mundus can use the EU Login authentication solution.

 What kind of information is displayed in the App?

There are many different types of information that the App displays, but the pre-defined content has been prepared by the App project consortium together with the European Commission and student organisations (as was the case with the original App).

The App will also have information published by universities, such as that contained in the IIA General Data. Another category of data points will come from student organisations and students themselves inviting them to co-create useful data points for fellow peers.

 How can Universities contribute the information to the Erasmus+ App?

The Universities are able to share useful information e.g. Events or Deals via the EWP Dashboard as well as customise the Mobility Journey steps.

The application for the mobility module in the Erasmus+ App is based on the data from the Inter-institutional Agreements. So the finalisation of the Agreements will allow for students to view the opportunities and useful information on the exchange experience (and support offered) as well as apply directly via the App.

 As a University, what should we do next to take advantage of the new App?
  1. Consider becoming a part of eduGAIN to ensure your students can login with their academic credentials (if that’s not already the case).
  2. Work with local ESN sections and student organisations to spread the word about it. ESN local sections might also get in touch to ask you to explore the App and help promote it towards your students. See a customisable information package here: https://hello.erasmusapp.eu/
  3. Try it out with your students and see how it can help support your work.
 Our University already has our own App for (mobile) students - what should we do then?

It is great that you already have an app to support your students and you can keep using it. The Erasmus+ App caters primarily for the needs of mobile students, providing access to information and services when they embark on the Erasmus experience and will contribute to illustrating the pool of opportunities that are available to your students across the EU.

 What if my university participates in Erasmus Without Paper via an in-house system or a third-party provider - can we also use the App?

Certainly. Much of the information App users will have access to is not related to FAQs, and the same is true for several of the App services. Advanced functionalities like applying to go abroad is available as an opt-in (meaning it needs not replace other solutions you might have already in place) and will be integrated with EWP. We will make sure that as such a functionality becomes available the necessary documentation is also published, and while configuring certain steps and options of the App might still require you to rely on the EWP Dashboard this will not supersede your in-house or third-party provided system.