HEI confirms manifests from 3rd-party provider step-by-step

This section presents, step by step, with screenshots from the DEV Registration Portal, the actions the EWP Admin, representing the HEI, needs to perform to sign in to the Registration Portal, and confirm their manifests registered by the 3rd-party provider.

Select Log in as HEI.

On the Login page of MyAcademicID select your institution.

Then you will be redirected to the institutional authorisation system.

Enter your credentials

If you are an institutional EWP admin, you will be redirected to the EWP Registration Portal.

You now have a HEI user account in the system.

DO NOT register an in-house provider if you are using only 3rd-party mobility software.

Go to the Manifests window and confirm manifests registered for you by a 3rd-party provider.

Those of your manifests that are Confirmed and Verified will be exported to the Registry in the manifest sources file.