EWP Developers Guide

The Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) Developers Guide is for readers with a technical background looking for technical information about the design, implementation, and services of the EWP Network. The aim is to provide mobility software providers, software teams and participants of other digitally oriented EU projects, with relevant information and links to all technical resources in one place. This helps them to develop and connect services for the digital exchange of Erasmus+ mobility documents and other mobility related data. The Guide contains information about available upgrades, explanations of technical procedures and all other necessary support documents.

The EWP Network is one component of the European Commission’s European Student Card (ESCI) initiative. The content of this Guide is focused on the EWP Network, its architecture and protocols. Technical information about other components of the ESCI ecosystem, such as authentication services (MyAcademicID) and the European Student Identifier (ESI), the EWP Dashboard, and the Erasmus+ App, are described separately.

Higher level and general information for colleagues in higher education institutions (end users) is available on the ESCI Portal and in other parts  of the EWP Knowledge Base.

Sections in the EWP Developers Guide