3rd-party providers step-by-step

This section contains detailed presentation, step by step, with screenshots from the DEV Registration Portal, of the actions the 3rd-party provider needs to perform to create an account in the Registration Portal, upload the Collaboration Agreement, add the manifest files of their customers, have these manifest files verified (by the RP administrator) and confirmed (by the authorised representatives of their customers).

Enter email and password, then click Create third party provider account.

An activation link is sent to the given email address.

This is the main panel of the 3rd-party provider after creating a provider account.

Enter the provider’s details in the Provider details window

This is the main panel of the 3rd-party provider after entering provider details.

Upload the Collaboration Agreement (MoU) in the MoU window. You will get an email when the MoU Administrator counter-signs the MoU and uploads it to the portal.

Upload your manifests in the Manifests window. If there are errors, you will get information in the Log panel. You can easily copy those URLs that have not been successfully added, resolve issues which do not allow them to be uploaded, then try again.

In special cases (e.g., manifests with dummy SCHAC codes used in the DEV network), you can ask the RP Admininistrator to confirm manifests on behalf of the HEIs.

Provider APIs are verified by the RP administrator in the Reviewer role.

Those of the manifests that are Confirmed and Verified (i.e. Active) will be exported to the Registry in the manifest sources file.