How to join?

To join the EWP Network institutions need to have an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education; accordingly organizational units of a given HEI (faculties, departments) are not allowed to connect to the network on their own.  You don't join or register for EWP personally, your institution does

When your institution wants to join the EWP network, the first step is to decide which category of user you are.

Different scenario's for joining Erasmus Without Paper

EWP Dashboard

Tool developed by the EWP+ consortium to manage Erasmus+ Mobilities. The EWP Dashboard can be used for free.

Commercial mobility software

This can be commercial software to manage mobility or software provided by a consortium (public or private) to which your institution belongs.

In-house build mobility software

This is software to manage mobility created by (or specifically for) your own institution. This software is managed by your IT department.

No tool

If you are currently not using a software tool to manage your mobilities, you will need to start using one to connect to the Erasmus Without Paper network and start exchanging inter-institutional agreements and learning agreements with your partner institutions.

You will have to choose the software that best fits you and your institution's needs. The market offers an different choices, but to accommodate institutions that lack the resources to invest in specific software, the EWP project (through EU funding) has developed the EWP Dashboard.

The EWP Dashboard is available to all Higher Education Institutions in Europe and was designed specifically for institutions that are currently not using any digital solution to manage their Erasmus mobility management.

If you wish to know more about the EWP Dashboard and would like to understand whether it suits your needs, please head over to the Dashboard's Knowledge Base