Collaboration Agreement

Collaboration Agreement (Memorandum of Understanding, MoU) determines the terms of use of the EWP Network and sets the conditions to link the provider’s external software to the EWP Network as well as the right to use the name and logo of EWP in its documentation.

Signing a MoU is a crucial part of the EWP joining procedure, and its completion is necessary for a provider to enter the network.

MoU for in-house providers

MoU for 3rd-party providers

The procedure of signing the Collaboration Agreement/MoU

MoU is signed by an in-house/3rd-party provider representative and the EWP consortium.

The document signed first by the representative of the provider needs to be uploaded in the DEV installation of the Registration Portal for countersigning by the EWP consortium. MoU signed by all the parties is shared via the same channel. Only then, the account of the provider (in-house or 3rd-party) will be active.

The same procedure applies in the PROD installation of the Registration Portal. The representative of the provider uploads the document signed by their party, the EWP consortium uploads countersigned document, the provider’s account is activated.