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This section contains the latest news and events relevant to the technical community of the EWP Network, like changes in APIs, the sharing of commonly encountered bugs in implementations, security alerts, scheduled service breaks, and information on events, such as Infrastructure Forum meetings, technical workshops, conferences.

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Inter-institutional agreement API - version 7.0.0

Date: 01/08/2023

Following discussions in the forums of the EWP Governance structure, DG EAC decided to proceed with a major release of the IIA-related APIs (version 7.0.0). The major release enables necessary additional functionality and aligns the EWP Network with the updated official Erasmus+ template for inter-institutional agreements published in early 2023. Taken together, these changes are expected to address the most frequently reported IIA issues by users of the EWP Network relating to perceived lack of clarity around certain data fields and ability to manage agreements with evolving partnerships. A new comprehensive EWP User Guide will complement this release and the updated official template.

The Infrastructure Forum has been central in defining how to address the issues reported by end users from a technical perspective. The EWP+ consortium has consulted the EWP technical community on all issues addressed in this release during monthly meetings. Furthermore, the consortium surveyed all development teams on their estimated time and effort needed to implement this (foreseen) release and organised follow-up bilateral meetings with development teams to discuss further their needs. The feedback received underpins the planning and approach defined in the Release notes for developers.

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