Webinar: Meet the Erasmus+ App vol. II (21 October 2021)

Erasmus Goes Digital webinar for Higher Education Institutions
Date: 21 October I Time: 14:00-15:30 CES

Follow the webinar recording here.

See the slides here:

Learn more about the functionalities presented at the webinar in the Competence Centre: digital European Student Card here and Applications to Erasmus+ via the App here.

About this webinar

The webinar will illustrate the latest functionalities made available in the Erasmus+ App for students from the HEIs perspective.
Learn more about the digital European Student Card and how your students can generate it.
Discover how students can explore the possible Erasmus+ destinations (based on Inter-institutional Agreement data) and apply to Erasmus+ mobility directly through the App and how International Relations Officers can manage these applications and nominate the students for going abroad.