New Erasmus+ App checks

The Erasmus+ App makes it easier for students to apply to mobility opportunities, get nominated and go abroad. However, the handling of applications and nominations through the Erasmus+ App is linked to the usage of the Erasmus/EWP Dashboard to handle Interinstitutional agreements. Since many institutions are using other tools to manage those agreements, they risk being overwhelming their International Relations Offices with spontaneous applications from students that they cannot carry on to completion. 

To avoid this unnecessary confusion and make the process as clear as possible, a new automated check has been introduced. If one institution is not currently using the Dashboard to manage Interinstitutional agreements, its students will not be able to create an application for the Erasmus+ programme through the Erasmus+ App.

Instead, the students will see a warning that looks like the screenshot on the right, preventing them from applying while explaining that this is due to the fact that their home institution is handling their mobilities through a different tool than the Erasmus/EWP Dashboard.

This step will make it so that only students that can expect to receive a reply from their institution use the App to apply, while at the same time eliminating the possibility of overwhelming institutions with requests they cannot act upon.