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In case of rejection, upon clicking the ‘Decline’ button a pop-up box appears in order to fill in all necessary information for the student regarding the rejection reason and suggestions for edits/changes that should be done. The OLA becomes declined once the ‘Reason for Declining’ is filled in and the coordinator clicks the ‘Decline’ button.



What should you do when a wrong contact person has been indicated by the sending institution? If the wrong contact person is indicated by the sending institution, there is no need to reject the learning agreement for studies as a change in contacts will not result in a new version of the learning agreement for studies. The student/sending institution can be contacted to change the contact and an updated learning agreement for studies can be retrieved by the receiving institution.

Delegation to Sign

In order to ensure that the right contact point can sign the OLA without restarting the process to change the assignee, any of the Erasmus Dashboard staff member account can sign the OLA, as long as it has the necessary roles assigned to it, and their contact information will be displayed in the commitment area in the Learning Agreement. As per the OLA survey analysis, it is still a common issue that neither the student nor sometimes, even the Sending Institution, have the most up-to-date information on the exact contact points for signing. Therefore, even if the email address of the person to sign the OLA was initially wrong, the correct person can simply log into the Erasmus Dashboard with its staff account, review and sign the OLA without the need of declining and restarting the process in order to allow the student to update the email address of the person that has to sign the OLA.