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There are possible situations where a 3rd-party provider produces software that is installed by HEI in a local installation. In this case, the provider may not know the address of this installation, so it should not register the manifest. On the other hand, he created the software and is responsible for its quality, conducting tests and obtaining positive API verification. It is also possible

This is why hybrid manifests were introduced. Registration of such a manifest proceeds in the following steps:


When a hybrid manifest is registered, the system checks:

  • Whether the provider with the name given in the manifest has authorised HEI for using their softwareselected on the webpage has authorised this HEI.

  • Whether the name of the provider selected on the webpage maches the name from the manifest.

  • Is the SCHAC given in the manifest the same as the SCHAC of this HEI. If this condition is not met, the manifest is tagged as auxiliary and must be approved by the admin (HEI may use the Admin confirmation requested option for such a manifest).