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What is Erasmus Without Paper (EWP)?

Managing Erasmus+ mobility can be a cumbersome, complex and costly process. The Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) initiative uses the latest digital technology to pave the way to manage mobilities more efficiently. This allows Higher Education Institutions to exchange information in the context of student mobility swiftly and securely. In doing so EWP supports replacing paper-based workflows by digital ones.

EWP consists of two chief components:

  1. the Erasmus Without Paper Network that interconnects a multitude of student information systems (whether individual universities or third-party providers which represent multiple institutions) through the use of APIsĀ  (i.e. connectors between the Network and the users).
  2. the EWP Dashboard that provides a web solution for exchanging student data electronically for HEIs not using any/the required student information system.

This Knowledge Base focuses exclusively on the EWP network (component 1) and the connection to it. The EWP Dashboard (component 2) is the subject of a different knowledge base (see the navigation on the left).

Here you can find useful resources, tutorial videos, presentations and other tools and material to support the transition to digital Erasmus and the management of student mobilities.

Browse through the articles on the left menu bar or use the search engine to find answers to your questions.


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